5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around


Hippo Paint

Why should your toddler get to have all the fun?

Using Discarded Books, Artist Recreates The Streets Of London on DesignTAXI

One person’s trash is another person’s art project.

12 Different Ways to Cuddle, According to Cats on Babble Pets

Because my days could always do with a little more squee!

9 Mildly Disturbing Scenes Discovered at Legoland on Mashable

Well, maybe not this much squee.

Lake Wakatipu on Wallpapers Get

Damn, New Zealand. You just don’t know when to stop with the gorgeous, do you?

Photo by Mr. Sandwich.

4 thoughts on “5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around

  1. I’m from New Zealand, so thanks for the compliment! I have a big snowy volcano a few km to the north of me and the sea is a few km to the south, I can see both at either end of my street. It really is a paradise – when it’s not raining, lol.

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