Q & A?

I read this list of “the best” children’s books of 2014. A lot of them look great. And then the entry for The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall got me thinking. The standard advice about answering children’s questions about “tricky” subjects–sex, … Continue reading

What Comes To Mind

I’ve read Tuck Everlasting more than once and have no idea what happens in that book. Ditto Wide Sargasso Sea. I also don’t understand the appeal of ripped jeans as attractive fashion. I didn’t get them last time, either.  Is … Continue reading

Friday Five: September 5, 2014

Things that come to mind: 1) We took a trip to visit cousins over Labor Day weekend, and had a wonderful time. I grew up across the country from much of my family, and didn’t know what I was missing. … Continue reading

On Gifts

Baguette loves gifts, and she gets a lot of them. Mr. Sandwich and I are constantly buying her books, and she had grandparents on both sides who are always on the lookout for toys and games that will capture her … Continue reading

Summer in Santa Barbara

I wish we could spend the whole summer in Santa Barbara, but I really can’t complain about having a week there. While Kauai is our top vacation spot, it’s a little out of our reach right now. Three plane tickets … Continue reading

Mostly, I Hope Jadis Isn’t in There

Actual conversation from last night: Me: Baguette, why are you opening the closet door? Narnia isn’t in there. Me (to Mr. Sandwich): Although I don’t actually know that. Maybe Narnia is in there. Mr. Sandwich: If Narnia is in there, … Continue reading

Taming the Work Week: An Interview with M.R. Nelson

The weekend is almost here, so it’s a good time to think about how to get ready for next week. M.R. Nelson of Wandering Scientist drew upon her extensive experience in project management to write a terrific ebook titled Taming … Continue reading

Apparently I Lack Imagination

It’s been weeks since I posted. I have photos from our vacation earlier this month. (Didn’t know we went on vacation? Quite possibly that’s because I haven’t posted in weeks.) Well, technically Mr. Sandwich has the photos. I haven’t managed … Continue reading

Things I’m Loving

1) Hot Tot This shampoo and conditioner combo continues to deliver for Baguette’s hair. 2) Parents The last few months, this magazine has had at least one article that has really spoken to us. 3) Steel-cut oats These things are … Continue reading