Baguette, of Late

The last six weeks have been pretty incredible. Toward the end of December, both Baguette’s day care and our workplace closed for the holidays. At the same time, her evening ABA therapist got married and took a few weeks off. … Continue reading

What Comes To Mind

I’ve read Tuck Everlasting more than once and have no idea what happens in that book. Ditto Wide Sargasso Sea. I also don’t understand the appeal of ripped jeans as attractive fashion. I didn’t get them last time, either. ┬áIs … Continue reading

Back to School

Baguette is four. Today she started her second year in a 3-year-old room at her day care. In fact, she’s been in a 3-year-old room for close to 18 months already, because she moved into that group just before her … Continue reading

Disruption Can Be Good

We spent the last week visiting family out of town. For Baguette, routine is king–but this morning, I was reminded of why disruption can be good. The trip was great, and I’ll write more about it later. But it was … Continue reading

Don’t Panic, It’s Just Autism

So as I’ve discussed, Baguette has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We’ve been trying to navigate the process of working with the local school district, insurance, and a psychological agency to get her the services that she needs. This … Continue reading

Alphabet: L

For the past couple of weeks, Baguette’s teacher has had us send in things that begin with a particular letter. This week, it’s L. So we assembled some items and helped her identify them, and then dropped them off. What … Continue reading