Things I Don’t Get

These aren’t things I hate. I just don’t see what the big damn deal is. Pro sports Dr. Who Kate Winslet’s acting Neon clothing and accessories Jackass and Tosh.0 and shadenfreude directed toward strangers (actually, I do kind of hate … Continue reading

My Balance, Revisited (Again)

I want to blog, but it’s so hard. So. Hard. Time is fleeting, and filled up. Here’s what my balance looks like, for the past two weeks and the foreseeable future. 5:00¬†Alarm goes off. Hit snooze button. 5:09 Hit snooze … Continue reading

What Doesn’t Kill You

Ginger of Ramble, Ramble has more writing prompts this week. I couldn’t choose, and they seem to go together, so here you are: Prompt 1: What are your sick day must haves? Do you want certain foods, shows, clothes, drinks? … Continue reading

The Trouble With Teen Stars

I’m starting to think that the Disney Princesses aren’t the real problem. Photo of magazines by dno1967b, via Flickr. Creative Commons. Photo of Lindsay Lohan by ghostofgoldwater, via Flickr. Creative Commons. Photo of Amanda Bynes by Zennie Abraham, via Flickr. … Continue reading

Top 10 TV Shows

Ginger from Ramble Ramble is continuing her writing prompts. Since I can talk about TV a lot (it’s actually part of what brought Mr. Sandwich and me together), let me share my top 10 TV shows. My Top 10 Shows … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, MTV. You Murderer.

Forty-two Thirty-two (I really should check my math more carefully) years ago today, MTV was born. I first encountered it in 1983, when we moved to Texas. We didn’t have cable in Maryland, where we’d lived previously, and as it … Continue reading

Sand Pail List – What I Want To Do This Summer

Happy First Day of Summer, all! Last year I created my first Sand Pail List, and I think I can call it a rousing 50% success. This year’s list has some similar items, but with a few changes: Go to … Continue reading