It’s a Lot All at Once

First we had ants, and caulk and Seventh Generation Granite & Stone Cleaner and a little bit of Black Flag came to the rescue.

And then as soon as we got rid of the ants, the back yard was overrun with fleas. And I do mean overrun. We’ve tried so many things. Mr. Sandwich (who is doing most of the combating–neither Wicket nor I has gone out back in days) and I woke up one morning and compared notes to realize that BOTH of us were having dreams about diatomaceous earth. Last night was Midnight Dog Bath. This seems never-ending.

It’s also very hot.

The floor tiles in our eat-in kitchen (extending into the back entryway and 1/2 bath) are starting to come loose. I am not a fan of tile–it’s too hard to stand on at length. But what’s good in the kitchen and bathroom? I asked Twitter, and as usual, Twitter was practically no help at all (although apparently laminate is not the answer).

Oh, and since Wicket has been bitten by fleas a lot, we need to take her to the vet–and also have him look at the weird bump on her side and what is either pinkeye or a reaction to the flea shampoo, or something else entirely (what do I know? I’m not a vet).

Friday Five: September 5, 2014

Things that come to mind:

1) We took a trip to visit cousins over Labor Day weekend, and had a wonderful time. I grew up across the country from much of my family, and didn’t know what I was missing. Fortunately–and thanks in large part to Facebook–I’ve gotten to know quite a few of my cousins now that we’re adults. But I want Baguette to just not miss it to begin with.

2) Someday all too soon, Baguette is going to stop singing “Wet It Go,” and I’m going to miss it So Much. Just as I will miss it when she no longer says, “Want get wemon” at the grocery store.

3) I wonder how many times I can re-read Cryptonomicon. So far, the answer is “a great many times.”

4) It is becoming clear that we are about to enter a Winnie the Pooh phase. And because it’s the question everyone asks next, I mean Disney Pooh, not Classic Pooh.

5) Mr. Sandwich’s hugs are like being wrapped in a hug. That sounds like it is circular and self-evident, but in fact it is just the best.


45 Good Things: What I Learned

My plan was to do 45 good things by my 45th birthday. The things could be big or small. They could affect people directly or indirectly. They could be public or very personal. The idea wasn’t to change the world, but maybe to change someone’s day.

Picking up three pieces of trash in a row didn’t count, but picking up three pieces of trash at different times of the day did. Giving money and food to people counted on a per-person basis, whether they were sitting together or in entirely different parts of town.

So, 45 Good Things later, what did I learn?

  • I should have started earlier.
  • Sometimes holding the elevator door really means a lot to the other person.
  • No, really, I should have started earlier.
  • I made a lot of donations.
  • I didn’t pick up nearly as much trash as I thought I would.
  • It took a lot longer than I expected.
  • I could have done the whole thing just picking up dog poop.

Complete list here.

Sunday Snow Play

It rained in L.A. yesterday. With the colder temperatures we’ve been having, that means that the mountains got snow. And that means that today we went to the mountains.

Little girl in the snow

Little girl in the snow

Little girl on a sled

Man pulling little girl on sled

Baguette even had her first snowball fight. Which she started.

A good time was had by all.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

This week’s Monday Listicles? “10 things you love that are free.” Read on:

1) Baguette’s kisses.
2) Mr. Sandwich’s love for me and her.
3) Snuggles with Wicket.
4) Rain on the roof.
5) Going for a walk and seeing our great neighbors.
6) Opening the windows and letting fresh air blow through the house.
7) Friday evenings, with the whole weekend ahead.
8) A compliment to a stranger.
9) Sun salutations.
10) Conversation.

Farm Life

Pierce College in Woodland Hills has an agricultural program, and one weekend every year, they open up their farm to the public. Luckily for us, this was that weekend. Much of my time was spent complying with cries of “PIGGYBACK!”, but I still managed to get a few shots.

Pierce College Farmwalk - chickens

Pierce College Farmwalk - sheep shearing

Pierce College Farmwalk - Toy Train

We also saw a cow and its calf, a tortoise, an owl, a parrot, goats and a kid, and horses, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Bragging Rights

thumbs up

This week’s entry in Monday Listicles is “10 Reasons I’m Great.” Honestly, I think this is something that not just moms, but women in general, often lose track of. Certainly there are plenty of conceited women out there–I have had my moments, I know–but all too often, we downplay our accomplishments and contributions. So what’s so great about me?

1) I wrote a full-length novel in high school. It’s never going to be published, and I’m fine with that–but I did it.

2) One of my friends read my M.A. thesis. For fun. Twice.

3) I will defend my loved ones from wildlife.

4) I do not faint at the sight of blood.*

5) In fact, if you sever your fingertip, I will not only locate it, but properly package it and drive you to the ER. While pregnant.

6) I’ve traveled to 49 of the 50 states (I have yet to get to Alaska.)

7) I’ve traveled to 5 of the 7 continents (South America and Antarctica, I’m coming for you. Eventually.)

8) I am really good at building fires.

9) I make good desserts. Not fancy, but good.

10) I’m an excellent wife and mother. (I’m not saying I’m better than you. I’m better than you for my family. And I’m similarly confident that you’re better for yours than I would be.)

*Does it undercut this post if I say that I do, however, shriek reflexively and stereotypically at the sight of a mouse?

Photo by .reid., via Flickr.

Update: So, About That Heater

It’s been red-tagged. That means it’s not just stupid to use it (carbon monoxide poisoning, I’m looking at you), but illegal.

We’ve gotten one estimate on replacement and are trying to get some more–although given that we’re approaching the holidays, we’re not going to spend ages comparison shopping.

And although temperatures were supposed to be in the low 70s, today was actually about 10 degrees cooler, and rainy. That means tonight is a good night to cook in the oven. I just took a pizza out and replaced it with butternut squash macaroni and cheese, so soon we should be warm inside and out.

Beyond that, we have a space heater that we run when we need it, and layers. You can’t really live properly in southern California without layers, after all.

Photos by Mr. Sandwich.