PSA: Mercury Can Kill You

Not the planet. Well, I’m sure it could, because it’s super hot and also if it fell on you, ouch! But that’s not what I’m talking about. Mr. Sandwich and I try to be environmentally friendly. Yes, we love our … Continue reading

Why My House is Messy

I know my house is messy. I’m not a good housekeeper. I never have been, and neither was my mother. I know she would have recognized herself in Claire McCarthy’s Huffington Post piece.* Also, there’s this. I do want my … Continue reading

Mostly, I Hope Jadis Isn’t in There

Actual conversation from last night: Me: Baguette, why are you opening the closet door? Narnia isn’t in there. Me (to Mr. Sandwich): Although I don’t actually know that. Maybe Narnia is in there. Mr. Sandwich: If Narnia is in there, … Continue reading

My Balance, Revisited (Again)

I want to blog, but it’s so hard. So. Hard. Time is fleeting, and filled up. Here’s what my balance looks like, for the past two weeks and the foreseeable future. 5:00¬†Alarm goes off. Hit snooze button. 5:09 Hit snooze … Continue reading

What Doesn’t Kill You

Ginger of Ramble, Ramble has more writing prompts this week. I couldn’t choose, and they seem to go together, so here you are: Prompt 1: What are your sick day must haves? Do you want certain foods, shows, clothes, drinks? … Continue reading

Egg Musings

My mother hated egg whites. Scrambled eggs had to be perfectly blended. I think of her every time I scramble eggs. On the rare occasions that we’d have breakfast out and we’d order fried eggs, she’d take my yolks and … Continue reading

Grown-Up Day

Mr. Sandwich and I both work for a state organization, which means that we get today off in honor of Cesar Chavez Day. Baguette’s day care, on the other hand, is open. Most of the time, if work is closed, … Continue reading