Happy Halloween, 2016

Baguette has never been that into trick-or-treating. From her perspective, Halloween is when you knock on your neighbor’s door, and they answer it–but then they don’t let you in. What’s the point of that? It’s always been a struggle. Not … Continue reading

Finessing Christmas

When I was young, our Christmases were extravaganzas. My parents weren’t Clark Griswold/Christmas store-style decorators, but we had lights on the house and a big, full tree that was overdecorated and surrounded by piles of presents. On Christmas Eve, we’d … Continue reading

Auld Lang Syne

When I was younger, I thought it would be fun to go to a big, blowout New Year’s Eve party. I never did. I’m totally fine with that. First of all, I didn’t want to go by myself; I wanted … Continue reading

Keeping the Holiday Stress in Check

Impossible, you say? A lot of people would agree with you; the Washington Post reports that holiday stress makes this the most challenging time of year for many women. I have wonderful memories of childhood Christmases. There were always lots … Continue reading

Halloween Costume, 2013: A Brief Pictorial Recap

After last year’s Halloween costume experience, we tried to keep it simple, with a costume idea that was as clothing-like as possible. You really can’t get more clothing-like than Mommy’s actual clothing. I think we may not buy a Halloween … Continue reading

Traditions: Easter Dinner

Last year was our first effort at a family Easter. This year there was no snowshoeing, but we did dye and hide eggs. Baguette hunted them, with help from Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. Then there were deviled eggs. And Mr. … Continue reading