Baguette has been singing the classics:

For he’s a joggy good fellow,
For he’s a joggy good fellow.
For he’s a joggy good fellow
Which nobody canst deny.

Which nobody canst deny,
Which nobody canst deny.
For he’s a joggy good fellow
Which nobody canst deny.


The song accompanied work on this puzzle.

small girl working on 250-piece puzzle with an image of a girl, rabbits, fox, tree, flowers, and deer
It’s been a big week for puzzles.

Fat Tuesday

I don’t follow Lenten traditions, but I do like pancakes. So I decided to get pancakes for lunch, and arbitrarily went to one of two places at a nearby intersection.

I ordered my combo plate and answered “sourdough” when they asked what kind of bread I wanted.

The plate showed up, and I was served two eggs over medium, bacon, some really unappealing hash browns, and two slices of sourdough toast.

That’s when I realized: when they asked about bread, they were including pancakes in the option.

But they brought me what I’d asked them to, so I ate some of it and then went across the street to the other place, where I went with the full-on decadent version of pancakes.

plate of pancakes with caramel sauce, bananas, and powdered sugar

Fat Tuesday, indeed.

Butch and Sundance

So we really miss Wicket. We probably always will–she was a phenomenal dog.

But she left a dog-sized hole in our hearts and our home, and there was only one thing to do about that.

Butch and Sundance

Fill it with two more dogs.

Butch (on the left) is a 10-year-old Crested Chinese. He is very chill. Sundance is an 8-year-old Miniature Poodle who gets kind of anxious whenever Butch isn’t around. Apparently they were brought into the animal shelter together, and they were so clearly bonded that there was no way we could imagine splitting them up. So we didn’t.

If Waze Could Talk

Interactively, I mean, not just reading its script. (Oh, and while we’re on the subject, Waze, could you bring back Terry Crews?) But if Waze could talk, this is how our conversation would have gone today:

Me: Navigate to home.
Waze: This way is fastest!
Me: Are you sure? That seems unlikely.
Waze: It’s definitely fastest!
Me: I don’t know. I feel like it’s going to be slow.
Waze: Absolutely the fastest way home!
Me: Well, you seem pretty sure. I guess I’ll give it a shot.
Waze: Oh. Huh. This way is really slow.

So I guess crowd-sourcing isn’t always the answer.

Why I Don’t Wear Makeup*

  • I don’t have a lot of time in the morning.
  • I look fine like this.
  • I base my worth on abilities and accomplishments.
  • I forget about it.
  • The most I have time for is lipstick in the car, when I remember it and there’s a red light.
  • Seriously, I look just fine.
  • Mr. Sandwich doesn’t think I need makeup, and why would I care if anyone else did?
  • I’m not kidding. It takes too much time, and time is at a premium.
  • I’m not kidding. I look fine without it.

Do I think I’m a supermodel? No. Do I think I’m a horrifying troll? Also no.

*I will wear makeup to a job interview. Or your wedding.