Holiday “Classics” I Can’t Stand

1) A Christmas Story–It was funny once. But every year?

2) Miracle on 34th Street–I’d probably love it if it were 45 minutes long. But it isn’t.


4) The Polar Express–So creepy.

5) Love Actually–I actually don’t care about most of these people.

So which holiday classics do I enjoy?

Yes, I said Die Hard.

20 thoughts on “Holiday “Classics” I Can’t Stand

  1. You forgot “Rudolph”. Okay, there is that weird, mean Santa and some bully reindeer, but I still like it. And the Peanuts one. I like it, too. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is my favorite, though. I love anything by Feank Capra.

  2. How about the claymation / stop-motion (I think??) one from the 70s (I think??) about Rudolph et al, wherein he is totally made fun of because of his weird nose that very weird nose ends up saving the day. I don’t remember the name. I just remember it always being on TV before the holidays, and I have always hated it. (Isn’t it wonderful to be grincy!!?)

    1. I’m okay with it, but that Bumble is too scary for me to be willing to watch it with Baguette for several more years. And it could be shorter, too. Although I do love Burl Ives doing . . . well, almost anything.

      1. My husband used to live near Burl Ives (in WA), and though he didn’t know him (maybe he had died by then? This was in the early 1990’s) people who did said he was a mean old man; very different from his public image!

  3. While I do like Love Actually, A Christmas Story and Home Alone, you do make excellent points! I always watch Little Women at Christmas. Just seems like a Christmas type of movie.

  4. I actually like Home Alone for Christmas, if only for the music, but admit that I haven’t seen the others except for Love Actually, which I wouldn’t say gets me in the Christmas spirit much. And again sadly, I don’t think I’ve seen of the ones you recommend (which leads me to think I need to add those for next year!).

    1. I’m not really sure I’ve seen Home Alone since it was originally in theaters. I know I haven’t seen any of the sequels.

  5. Oh, 80’s movie trailers… did we have any clue what we were doing back then?

    I mean, it doesn’t completely give away the ending or all the best jokes.

    1. I’m always astonished at how bad old movie trailers are. While I think Citizen Kane is a masterpiece, its trailer is just awful.

  6. Ha ha! I have never gotten the big deal about A Christmas Story but I keep it to myself because I know it’s an extremely unpopular opinion. My husband’s family will watch it over and over again on Christmas Day (EVERY YEAR!) and it makes me want to weep.

    1. I liked it the first time I saw it, but didn’t realize that it was becoming a classic until some of my friends in grad school INSISTED on watching it at a holiday party. I spent the whole time in the kitchen, wondering how much longer it was going to take.

      And thanks for stopping by and commenting–I love your blog!

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