More Rules From Baguette

Second in a series of indeterminate length.

  • Jackets must be zipped up all the way. If they are not, Raptor Shriek will ensue.
  • Mommy is not allowed to wear a cardigan or jacket.
  • Baguette can talk about lions, but no one else can.
  • No jeans! No, no, no, no!
  • Only leggings.
  • Also, no shirts or dresses with buttons in back, even at the neck. Inspections will take place randomly throughout the day.

I may have to add a tab for this.

8 thoughts on “More Rules From Baguette

  1. Oh man, so nice to know another kid out there has strong – nay – immutable opinions on how her mother dresses. Many a tantrum have spewed forth because I decided to wear a striped shirt, or GASP a neckless.

    1. Oh, I forgot about neckaces! They, too, are forbidden. Sometimes I’ll put one on in the car after I drop her off.

  2. Agreed—so glad that I’m not the only one whose kid has some pretty strict rules and preferences! The latest ones in our home include that only mama can use the red toy telephone and that he can only pee in mama’s and daddy’s bathroom.

  3. Bwahahahaaa…sounds just like our house. We are currently in the only tights or leggings with a skirt phase. No. Pants. Ever. Come to think of it, jeans are the most hated. Except the pair with sparkle, of course, because sparkle overrules all other rules. Clearly, this is a common thing in homes of toddlers and preschoolers. 🙂

    1. She will wear a shirt, tunic, or dress over the leggings. For now. Who knows what the next rule may be?

  4. Hi! Just found your blog and love it. Rules from my youngest who is 2 include
    1) ‘No dancing Mummy’. Unless I make him laugh, then he’ll dance with me, and not let me stop.
    2) Won’t put on a jumper (sweater) until he starts shivering.
    3) Won’t accept compliments or endearments. eg “You’re very clever / a cheeky monkey.” = “No I not, I Rory!”.
    4) Endless swinging him in circles by his hands whenever he wants it.

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