My Valentines

As I’ve mentioned, we’re not a big Valentine’s Day family. But that doesn’t mean I neglected to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to Mr. Sandwich this morning.

I’m not a monster.

And we’re not neglecting Baguette. Last week we went to her school’s Valentine Dance Party (Baguette ate some pizza, said, “Time to go home!” and dragged me toward the parking lot), and I also made sure to drop off the required 24 valentines for her class (signed, but not addressed). I’m reasonably sure I even filled out that candygram, although darned if I can remember whether I turned it in.

Then Mr. Sandwich showed up at my office.


Thank you, sweetheart. You and Baguette are my Valentines every day.

8 thoughts on “My Valentines

  1. Is this signed but not addressed Valentine thing new? Or did I miss a memo? Kidzilla is in pre-K and each year so far in her daycare/preschool, they gave us a list of first names to address Valentine cards. This year, no list – just a number and the request to only sign the “from” part. I think I am a reasonably intelligent woman but this made no sense to me. Call me old-fashioned…kinda liked getting something with my name on it in school.

    1. I thought that the teachers were going to do it, because we might not know the names of everyone in the class. Nope, Baguette came home with a bunch of unaddressed Valentines (including one from herself).

  2. The kid’s Valentine’s totally took over this year. We did the same thing: handing out Valentine’s signed but not addressed and went to his school for him to pass them out. Never mind that we had to cancel our Valentine’s dinner reservation (pregnancy complications do that to you). I joked to my husband that we’re going to end up celebrating Valentine’s sometime in July this year lol.

    1. I remember that kind of delayed holiday from my pregnancy with Baguette! I hope you had a Happy Improvised Valentine’s Day!

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