Oscar Surprise

I spent much of my adult life across the country from my best friend. But we still managed to watch the Oscars together–we’d just call each other 20 times during the broadcast to say, “That dress is amazing!” “That dress is horrible!”

Now that we’re in the same city (huzzah!), we not only manage to have coffee more than once a year, we’ve also watched the Oscars together! In the same living room! More than once!

Since Baguette was born, though, long stretches of TV that isn’t Sesame Street have not really been an option. So what was last night’s surprise? Not the winners–I still haven’t had time to look up who they are.

It was that Baguette entertained herself with toys and books and changing in and out of her clothes for the entire red carpet, allowing me to live-tweet the whole thing!

Tweet about Nicole Kidman's Oscar dress

Seriously, tell me I’m wrong.

Now, if I can just manage to watch the actual ceremony . . .

12 thoughts on “Oscar Surprise

  1. Haha very apt description 🙂

    We didn’t watch the Oscars yesterday (oh the follies of not being hooked up to cable 🙁 ) but I did put on Pride and Prejudice, which was now that I think about it, the first time I intentionally put on a movie even with my three year old in the room. I was so surprised that he could hardly care less about the television and like Baguette, entertained himself long enough for me to watch the whole darn thing.

    Now I need to find snippets of the Oscars online.

    1. Baguette normally insists that we switch to one of her shows, generally within 10 minutes of us watching whatever it is we’re trying to watch. I am still amazed that she just didn’t care about the TV for that long yesterday.

  2. I didn’t notice Kidman’s dress, but I thought Anne Hathaway’s was hideous. Those were the most unfortunate darts I’ve ever seen, and her necklace ruined the neckline of the dress.

    1. Preach. She’s a beautiful girl, but her dress choice for one of the most important moments of her career? Thumbs down.

      As for Nicole Kidman, I loved her dress, but I wish she would ease up on the Botox. I think it detracts from the character of her face.

      (The above was written by someone who didn’t watch a moment of the broadcast and only caught up with the dresses on the Interwebs later in the week, so take it all with a very small grain of salt.)

      1. I think it was a really dramatic dress, but I stand by the motor oil and evil. Hey, it was definitely more interesting than a lot of them.

    2. Even if the darts had been better–and they were really bad–I think that dress wasn’t right for the occasion. It looked more like “sexy bridesmaid” than Oscars.

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