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Our New Normal (For Now)

What it means for us.

What Do You Mean, There’s Homework in Day Care?

Years later, this diorama is a hit on Pinterest. We still can’t believe we bothered.

Macaroni and Cheese

Baguette’s favorite, day in and day out.

Your Mileage May Vary

Just for the record, Baguette does not speak Hebrew.

Mom-Friendly Meals: Shrimp and Potatoes in Garlic Butter

That’s pretty much the whole recipe.

Happy Birthday, MTV. You Murderer.

Because video killed the radio star.

Confidence and Communication

This wasn’t quite our starting point for ASD, but it may have been our starting point for the starting point.

Mawwiage is What Bwings Us Together Today

Why I support marriage equality.

Baby’s First Cast

No one really wants to hit this milestone.

Diagnosis: Person

Labels aren’t inherently bad, but they are incomplete.

I’m Not Fine With It

How about if I use my brain, and you use yours?


It’s unavoidable. And for us, it’s often good.

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