Random Thoughts

Ideas never run out

I have posts I want to write, but I also have a cold or a sinus infection or something, and I’ll get to them later. In the meantime, here are some things that I noticed or that occurred to me or that happened recently:

  • On Extra: “Is Lindsay Lohan hoarding designer handbags in her closet?” I assume so–and thanks, Extra, for reminding me of why I never watch this kind of show.
  • I’m wearing jeans. You know what would be great instead? Yoga pants. Why don’t I own any? I think I’ll substitute pajama pants.
  • Baguette is getting really attached to Mr. Sandwich. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard her insist, “Find Daddy!” this weekend.
  • This is really sweet, except for when he can’t come right then and she screams it in my ear repeatedly.
  • I have no idea why it’s so hard for me to remember to turn on the lights on the Christmas tree.
  • “Then, an all-new episode of ‘Whitney’ with the age-old question–” It doesn’t matter, because the real question is Whitney’s still on? Why? Oh, wait, that’s two questions.
  • Why are extra-soft Kleenex so rough?

Photo by adihrespati, via Flickr. Creative Commons.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. On yoga pants: my best comfy-clothes discovery of the last few years is a brand called Green Apple (They seems to regularly show up on the racks at my local Marshalls for less than half the price a Google shopping search would suggest). Softest, most comfy sweats ever. Gave some to my sister too and she now wants to live in them.

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