Traditions: Easter Dinner

Last year was our first effort at a family Easter. This year there was no snowshoeing, but we did dye and hide eggs. Baguette hunted them, with help from Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. Then there were deviled eggs. And Mr. … Continue reading

Meal Planning

I want to do it. I just have a lot of trouble finding the time to sit down and think about it. Fortunately, last night we had friends over for dinner (afterward I realized that this was the first playdate … Continue reading

Birthday Extravaganzas

We worked hard to avoid one. My contention? A one-year-old doesn’t know it’s her birthday. She doesn’t know what birthdays are. So the party isn’t really for her. That’s why we went with a party we wanted–cookout and cake, served … Continue reading

Assorted Thoughts

This is a weekend of dinners with friends. One was here (love the potlucks–even with a small group, it halves the work) and one is out (love eating at someone else’s house–it removes the work). Last night’s meal: steak and … Continue reading

Feasting in Chicago

A week ago, Mr. Sandwich and I headed out for a long weekend in Chicago. As it turned out, getting there felt longer than the weekend. Why? Because there were tremendous thunderstorms in Chicago, leading to a series of ground … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Mr. Sandwich’s parents are coming over, and here’s what we’re feeding them: ham creamed corn (recipe from Lawry’s) roasted asparagus cheesy potatoes Triple Sec pound cake. So what is everyone thankful for? … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Me

It’s not my birthday. In fact, it’s nowhere near my birthday, which was in February. However, two of my friends gave me a gift card to Lawry’s. If you’re not familiar with Lawry’s, since the 1930s they’ve served prime rib … Continue reading