Things I Said While Watching TV Tonight

Watching Matthew McConnaughey in a Lincoln ad: Mr. Sandwich: Let’s see what Matthew McConnaughey is going to tell us about Lincolns today. Me: There is something really unnerving about his teeth. Watching Speechless: Me: I identify with Jimmy and Dylan. … Continue reading

TV and Us

Mr. Sandwich and I have different TV histories. I grew up in a house where we watched a lot of TV. I remember watching The Lone Ranger not because I was a fan–I actually found it kind of boring–but because … Continue reading

Monday Listicles: 10 Halloween Costumes I Have Known

These days, I have trouble coming up with Halloween costumes. But that wasn’t always the case. Of course, back then I also had a moving box full of “dress-up clothes” that offered inspiration (and parents who were able to fill … Continue reading

I’m Glad I Don’t Live in Gotham City

This morning I went to Target and Whole Foods (what demographic does that represent, I have to wonder?). At the latter, I found the gourmet chocolate display, which included several Vosges Haute Chocolat bars. Which did I pick? Why, Mo’s … Continue reading