Happy Birthday, MTV. You Murderer.

Forty-two Thirty-two (I really should check my math more carefully) years ago today, MTV was born. I first encountered it in 1983, when we moved to Texas. We didn’t have cable in Maryland, where we’d lived previously, and as it … Continue reading

Traditions: Chinese Food

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. She would have been 75. She should be 75. She should be here to see Baguette grow, and hear stories about what we’re doing, and pay long visits in which we’d spend time cooking together … Continue reading

Traditions: Birthdays

I grew up with wonderful birthdays. My parents never rented a pony or bouncy house (the kid across the street had a pony party one year–even at the age of five, I thought that a pony you didn’t get to … Continue reading

It’s My Party and I’ll Sleep If I Want To

Last night, after a day of not napping, Baguette fought sleep like a tiger. I think she finally surrendered at something like 11 p.m. I have no idea what that was about, but now I’m tired. Really, really tired. Which … Continue reading

Birthday Extravaganzas

We worked hard to avoid one. My contention? A one-year-old doesn’t know it’s her birthday. She doesn’t know what birthdays are. So the party isn’t really for her. That’s why we went with a party we wanted–cookout and cake, served … Continue reading