Bragging About Me

This week’s Monday Listicles topic is “10 Things You Are Proud Of.” So, if you will, allow me to share with you some things I have done:

1) On my first camping trip as a Girl Scout, I lit an a-frame fire with a single match.

2) Thanks to Girl Scouts, in grad school I was able to get wet wood to burn using matches and candles, in contrast to the lighter fluid the guys thought would do the trick.

3) In high school, I once created a school spirit banner so violent it grossed out the football team.

4) When Mr. Sandwich cut off the tip of his finger, I found the piece on his garage workbench . . .

5) And surprised the ER doctor with how well I packaged it for transit.

6) I can watch the needle when I get a shot or donate blood. Speaking of which . . .

7) I donate blood.

8) I have competed in–and finished–three sprint triathlons.

9) I’m a really good writer and editor.

10) I make great baked macaroni and cheese.

Bonus #11: I was a returning Jeopardy! champion.

(Side note: As I look back, there seems to be a decent amount of overlap with this list from December, but honestly I could use my own pat on the back at this point in my life.)


Photo by Nick J Webb, via Flickr. Creative Commons.

Three Day Weekend

Mr. Sandwich and I each have jobs that give us Veterans Day off, and Baguette’s day care is closed on Veterans Day, so we had a three-day weekend. One day per family member! Except Wicket. No extra day for Wicket. She’d just sleep through it, anyhow.

So what did we do with this glorious time?

We ran a lot of errands. Mr. Sandwich went on a bike ride. I took Baguette to her swim class, and we met Bestie and Family for lunch at McDonald’s (Hey, Mickey D’s, why no more Chicken Selects? They were the only thing I was really willing to eat there.). Wicket went to the groomer. I made two batches of chicken stock in the crock pot, as well as two loaves of pumpkin bread, minus the pumpkin (an oversight, but not a fatal one, it turns out).

Oh, and there was this.

Blood drive for Hurricane Sandy relief

Good luck, New Jersey. I wish there were more I could do.