Mom-Friendly Meals

Recently, some of my friends have said, “You really seem to have this meal-planning thing down. What’s your secret?” I do not have the meal-planning thing down. My secret is that I have a child who is slightly older than … Continue reading

Easy Weekend Breakfast: Monkey Bread

I remember monkey bread from my childhood. It wasn’t one of my mom’s regular weekend breakfast dishes–in fact, I’m not sure she made it more than once–but clearly it made an impression. With only three of us in the house, … Continue reading

Parenting: Reality Check

I’m thrilled to be a featured writer at Studio30 Plus! I’m writing about one of the ways my real-world parenting has diverged from my theoretical, pre-Baguette parenting–and how maybe, just maybe, the two are getting closer: I used to imagine … Continue reading

Meal Planning: Take One

I’ve been wanting to cook, but it’s been much too hot. Seriously, L.A. has been experiencing temperatures of over 100, and based on the current 10-day weather forecast, we’re not done yet. But while I was thinking about what I … Continue reading

Leaf Bag List: My Fall Goals

Just before summer began, I was inspired to create a “Sand Pail List.” I didn’t fulfill all of my summer goals, but that’s okay–Fall offers new opportunities! So what do I want to do this Fall? Hmm . . . … Continue reading

Sand Pail List, Revisited

In May, I created my “Sand Pail List” of things I wanted to accomplish this summer. How’d we do? Let’s take a look: Going to the park We did go to local playgrounds, but not nearly as often as I’d … Continue reading

Cooking With Pinterest

I don’t believe in Pinterest guilt. Seriously, if you’re judging yourself by other people’s pins, then it’s time to step away from the computer and go play outside. For me, Pinterest is primarily an inspiration board. I find things I … Continue reading

Why Our House Is a Disaster – Weekday Edition

We’re refinancing, and on a recent Friday, we had a visit from an appraiser. The house was not even remotely clean, although I did set my alarm for 5 a.m. so that I’d have time to at least straighten up … Continue reading

My Balance, Revisited

Nearly a year ago, I was inspired by a post by Oil and Garlic to write about my balance. So, where do we stand now? 1. What’s your work schedule? I still drop Baguette off at 7 so I can … Continue reading

Sand Pail List

The latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens (and with that, I am officially my mother–or, since she read Woman’s Day and Family Circle, perhaps one of her close cousins) encourages people to make a “Sand Pail List” of things … Continue reading