Grown-Up Day

Last Friday was my birthday, but I didn’t really plan anything, so Mr. Sandwich and I took today off. Baguette stayed in day care, which means: GROWN-UP DAY!!! Which, naturally, we spent watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians … Continue reading

Back to School

Baguette is four. Today she started her second year in a 3-year-old room at her day care. In fact, she’s been in a 3-year-old room for close to 18 months already, because she moved into that group just before her … Continue reading

Grown-Up Day

Mr. Sandwich and I both work for a state organization, which means that we get today off in honor of Cesar Chavez Day. Baguette’s day care, on the other hand, is open. Most of the time, if work is closed, … Continue reading

How to Make a Mom Angry

I shared something about Baguette on my Facebook profile. Most of the responses were positive. But then there was this: [Older relative]: I thought you were a stay at home Mom. You are missing a lot. Cue the gritted teeth. … Continue reading

Can a Toddler Be an Introvert?

Recently, Baguette’s teachers asked to meet with us. Apparently she falls asleep throughout the day, and she doesn’t interact with children or her teachers the way they’re accustomed to seeing. Her sleep is an issue, and we know that. And … Continue reading

My Balance, Revisited

Nearly a year ago, I was inspired by a post by Oil and Garlic to write about my balance. So, where do we stand now? 1. What’s your work schedule? I still drop Baguette off at 7 so I can … Continue reading

Traditions: Happy Valentine’s Day

I read this post about Valentine’s Day requirements at some schools. And I totally agree. Valentine’s Day is ridiculous for toddlers. Mr. Sandwich and I have never paid particular attention to Valentine’s Day. The first year we were dating, the … Continue reading