Egg Musings

My mother hated egg whites. Scrambled eggs had to be perfectly blended. I think of her every time I scramble eggs. On the rare occasions that we’d have breakfast out and we’d order fried eggs, she’d take my yolks and … Continue reading

Cooking With Pinterest

I don’t believe in Pinterest guilt. Seriously, if you’re judging yourself by other people’s pins, then it’s time to step away from the computer and go play outside. For me, Pinterest is primarily an inspiration board. I find things I … Continue reading

What We Ate on Our Summer Vacation

When we decided we wanted to go back to Santa Barbara, that naturally meant that we wanted to revisit some of the restaurants we particularly enjoyed. First, though, we decided to cut down on breakfasts out–we rented a studio unit. … Continue reading

Holiday Traditions: Roundup

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas–unless you don’t celebrate it, in which case I hope you had a very nice day. We can all use nice days. When I was a child (and a teen, and … Continue reading

Bru’s Wiffle–A Waffle Joint

Don’t ask. I do not know what “wiffle” is supposed to mean. And yes, I checked their website. Nevertheless, Bru’s Wiffle–A Waffle Joint (BTW, seriously? A subtitle for your restaurant?) serves up some interesting fare. They have dessert waffles (in … Continue reading

Bill’s Cafe

If you’re in San Jose and wondering where to have breakfast, you might want to drop in at Bill’s Cafe. Located in the charming (and expensive) neighborhood of Willow Glen, Bill’s offers up the basics and beyond. Our table wound … Continue reading

We’re Cooking with Gas

Sandwich Père and Sandwich Belle-mere came to visit this weekend, and today Aunt and Uncle Sandwich joined us. As you might imagine, there was a lot of food. Friday night the four of us went to the Canoga Park Yang … Continue reading