10 Things I Found in My Closet

This week’s Monday Listicles asks us to share 10 things from our closets. Ta da! A pile of clothes to be donated. An empty shoebox. A shoebox with unworn crosstrainers. A backpack filled with emergency supplies. Another backpack filled with … Continue reading

Happy Halloween! Or, Costume Drama

Weeks ago–right after Baguette broke her leg–we went to Costco and explored the Halloween costume options. Mr. Sandwich brought her an array of choices, and she picked the elephant. It promptly became a stuffed animal. So we weren’t sure whether … Continue reading

A Few Things Baguette Is Saying These Days

“Alicious! Mmmm!” (With a smile, often just after throwing the alicious food on the floor) “Daddy Elmo I play drums.” (Followed by drumming. I am unsure about how to punctuate this. Is she telling Daddy and Elmo? Is she telling … Continue reading

Stubborn Little Girl

“Elmo!” “Say ‘please.’” Silence. “Baguette, ‘please’ is a nice way to ask for something you want. Say ‘please’ and you can watch Elmo.” Silence. “I know you can say ‘please.’ I’ve heard you do it before. Say ‘please.’” Silence. “Okay. … Continue reading