Friday Five: September 5, 2014

Things that come to mind: 1) We took a trip to visit cousins over Labor Day weekend, and had a wonderful time. I grew up across the country from much of my family, and didn’t know what I was missing. … Continue reading

Disruption Can Be Good

We spent the last week visiting family out of town. For Baguette, routine is king–but this morning, I was reminded of why disruption can be good. The trip was great, and I’ll write more about it later. But it was … Continue reading

Fresh Week, Fresh Start

Well, last week was a bear, wasn’t it? Over the weekend, Baguette and Mr. Sandwich went to swim class and our regular playdate with Bestie, while I went to my alumni club’s annual lunch, which raises money for scholarships. I … Continue reading

Easy Weekend Breakfast: Monkey Bread

I remember monkey bread from my childhood. It wasn’t one of my mom’s regular weekend breakfast dishes–in fact, I’m not sure she made it more than once–but clearly it made an impression. With only three of us in the house, … Continue reading

Thankful Thursday: Family

I’m really not sure I can express how thankful I am for my family. For my parents, who taught me their values and how to determine my own. For my brother, who loves me even though I may have been … Continue reading

Well, Then By All Means, Let’s Spoil It For Everyone

When I was in third grade, I was in a Bluebirds troop. Our leader decided that we would put on a play: Snow White. We drew lots for roles, and I was excited when the slip of paper I drew … Continue reading

Birthdays in the Era of Pinterest

The On Mom has a post about party planning and Pinterest that definitely is worth a read. As for me, I like Pinterest. I think it’s fun, and I use it a fair amount. I don’t base my life on … Continue reading

Date Night?

Do you go on regular Date Nights? We don’t. The last movie Mr. Sandwich and I saw in the theater was True Grit. Hey, it could be worse. It could have been the John Wayne version. Now that would have … Continue reading

Traditions: Chinese Food

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. She would have been 75. She should be 75. She should be here to see Baguette grow, and hear stories about what we’re doing, and pay long visits in which we’d spend time cooking together … Continue reading