Be Prepared. No, Be More Prepared Than That.

Wondering how much can be written about earthquake kits? Well, that depends in part on how many earthquake kits you have. Continue on for the third of Mr. Sandwich’s disaster-preparedness posts. Be Prepared is the motto of the Boy Scouts. … Continue reading

What’s In Your Wallet–Er, Earthquake Kits?

For why we have them, take a look at the first post in this series. A little while ago Mrs. Sandwich posted about things she found in the closet, and the earthquake kits came up (along with a bunch of … Continue reading

Dr. Strangekit – Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying (a little) and Love the Big One (a little)

For those of you who asked about our earthquake kits, here is the first in a series of guest posts by Mr. Sandwich, our family’s Emergency Management Coordinator. What I remember about that morning of January 17th was the sound … Continue reading

“It’s Only a Phase” Is For Us, Too

I’m so happy to have another guest post at The Happiest Mom, again focusing on what I’ve learned as a new(ish) mother: Time is of the essence. Tempus fugit. One thing’s for sure–time is not on my side. Before Baguette … Continue reading

Parenting: Reality Check

I’m thrilled to be a featured writer at Studio30 Plus! I’m writing about one of the ways my real-world parenting has diverged from my theoretical, pre-Baguette parenting–and how maybe, just maybe, the two are getting closer: I used to imagine … Continue reading

Performance Anxiety: Outcome

Maybe you read my guest post over at Life With a Baby last Thursday. If you didn’t, you can now! Can’t be bothered? I wrote about Baguette and school performances. I have such mixed feelings about the performances–while some kids … Continue reading

We All Are Strong

I’m delighted to have a new guest post up at Meagan Francis’s blog The Happiest Mom! As I did with an earlier post, I’m writing about what I’ve learned as a new(ish) mother: Labor is hard, and after 32 hours … Continue reading