Happy Halloween, 2016

Baguette has never been that into trick-or-treating. From her perspective, Halloween is when you knock on your neighbor’s door, and they answer it–but then they don’t let you in. What’s the point of that? It’s always been a struggle. Not … Continue reading

Made-Up Rules for Our Imaginary Children

When Mr. Sandwich and I were married, but before we had Baguette, we made many pronouncements, as you do. Some of them still hold, like leaving the restaurant when we cannot keep her quiet and calm. Some of them remain … Continue reading

Halloween Costume, 2013: A Brief Pictorial Recap

After last year’s Halloween costume experience, we tried to keep it simple, with a costume idea that was as clothing-like as possible. You really can’t get more clothing-like than Mommy’s actual clothing. I think we may not buy a Halloween … Continue reading

Happy Halloween! Or, Costume Drama

Weeks ago–right after Baguette broke her leg–we went to Costco and explored the Halloween costume options. Mr. Sandwich brought her an array of choices, and she picked the elephant. It promptly became a stuffed animal. So we weren’t sure whether … Continue reading

Happy Halloween! Don’t be Scrooge McDuck

My mother always said, “I don’t care how old the person is, I’ll give them candy if they’re wearing a costume.” I don’t even draw that line. Seriously, I have given candy to the parents of trick-or-treaters. What, I suddenly … Continue reading