January 2, 2012: Looking Ahead

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions, primarily because I never keep them. But I do have goals. Here’s what I’m looking at for 2012:

  • Get our house in order. Literally. I can’t teach Baguette to clean up after herself if I have piles of papers lying around. Also, who wants piles of papers lying around?
  • Get in better shape. I’ve done a few sprint triathlons in the past, and I want to do another this year–I’m probably looking at September. Immediately, I’m going to start regular crunches and stretching.
  • Cook more. Between my job and commute, it’s hard to cook a nice dinner in the evenings. I need to dedicate weekend time to cooking in advance so that we can eat as a family during the week.

None of these sounds huge on their own, but together they can make a huge impact on our lives. I’m looking forward to it–and to the year.


I’ve found a site that’s very useful:


The graphics and rah-rah attitude can be a little much, but I do like the emphasis on gradual cleaning and the development of new habits. I find the Fly Zones section particularly useful.

Reading: Still working on Raymond Chandler’s letters. They’d go faster if they weren’t so interesting, and so well-written.