Things I Said While Watching TV Tonight

Watching Matthew McConnaughey in a Lincoln ad:
Mr. Sandwich: Let’s see what Matthew McConnaughey is going to tell us about Lincolns today.
Me: There is something really unnerving about his teeth.

Watching Speechless:
Me: I identify with Jimmy and Dylan. Because I feel like it’s my job to stay calm and also I’m fighty. There’s a lot of conflict between these two parts of me.

Watching something that appears to be an action movie due to urgent driving:
Me: What is this? Is it Live Free and Die Harder in a Really Stupid Way?
Mr. Sandwich: It’s Batman v. Superman.
Me: Same thing.

Still watching Batman v. Superman:
Holly Hunter: The world has been so busy thinking about what Superman can do that we haven’t stopped to ask what he should do.
Me: Oh, I get it. Superman is Jurassic Park.

Still watching Batman v. Superman, even though we meant to go to bed 30 minutes ago:
Perry White: Headline: End of Love Affair with Man in Sky?
Me: Perry, that’s a terrible headline.

But, really, the amazing thing is that we got to watch TV. Do you know how rare it is for Baguette to sleep?

Movie Madness

Movie Ticket Star Wars Episode 1

Movies have always been a big part of my life. I grew up watching classic films on TV (anyone who grew up in the D.C. area remember Channel 20?) My parents took us to lots of movies, starting with Disney and progressing through Star Wars and Norma Rae.

When Mr. Sandwich and I were dating, he lived in California and I lived in New Jersey. We sometimes went to the movies when one of us was visiting the other, but in between we would have Transcontinental Movie Dates–we’d pick out a movie and we’d each watch it–and then talk about it the next evening.

But over time we fell out of the habit of going to the movies–so expensive! So full of people who won’t stop talking on their mobile phones!

Then, of course, we had Baguette, and trips to the movies fell by the wayside. With a few exceptions (both Iron Man movies, True Grit, The Town, Dark Knight Rises), we just stopped going.

But this year, there are actually quite a few movies I want to see. Are any of these on your list?



The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Les Miserables


And it turns out that we have a friend with a role in Jack Reacher, so I’m now interested in that in spite of Tom Cruise.

I wonder how many we’ll actually get to.

Photo by Jörg Weingrill, via Flickr.