Our New Normal (For Now)

“Normal” is open to interpretation. That’s true for every family, but I’ve really come to understand the concept better since Baguette’s autism diagnosis. Actually, I knew it before her diagnosis–but that’s what made it okay for me to say openly … Continue reading

There Is No Serial Killer in the Back Yard

When I was in college, I injured my knee and spent six months in a knee immobilizer. This meant that when I was flying, I met every person in the airport. And also on the plane. I was constantly telling … Continue reading

How Was Your Weekend?

Ours started a day early, kind of. On Friday, Baguette’s cast came off (huzzah!). What was her response to this development? Sock all gone. I got a foot! At the moment she walks with that foot turned out, and she … Continue reading

Date Night?

Do you go on regular Date Nights? We don’t. The last movie Mr. Sandwich and I saw in the theater was True Grit. Hey, it could be worse. It could have been the John Wayne version. Now that would have … Continue reading

I’m Glad I Don’t Live in Gotham City

This morning I went to Target and Whole Foods (what demographic does that represent, I have to wonder?). At the latter, I found the gourmet chocolate display, which included several Vosges Haute Chocolat bars. Which did I pick? Why, Mo’s … Continue reading