Rediscovering Disney: The Little Mermaid

We’ve started trying to add to Baguette’s movie preferences. We had no luck with Cinderella (she only likes “The Work Song”) or Sleeping Beauty, and Lilo & Stitch got no reaction at all. We tried non-Disney (or at least previously-not-from … Continue reading

Our New Normal (For Now)

“Normal” is open to interpretation. That’s true for every family, but I’ve really come to understand the concept better since Baguette’s autism diagnosis. Actually, I knew it before her diagnosis–but that’s what made it okay for me to say openly … Continue reading

There Is No Serial Killer in the Back Yard

When I was in college, I injured my knee and spent six months in a knee immobilizer. This meant that when I was flying, I met every person in the airport. And also on the plane. I was constantly telling … Continue reading

How Was Your Weekend?

Ours started a day early, kind of. On Friday, Baguette’s cast came off (huzzah!). What was her response to this development? Sock all gone. I got a foot! At the moment she walks with that foot turned out, and she … Continue reading

Date Night?

Do you go on regular Date Nights? We don’t. The last movie Mr. Sandwich and I saw in the theater was True Grit. Hey, it could be worse. It could have been the John Wayne version. Now that would have … Continue reading

I’m Glad I Don’t Live in Gotham City

This morning I went to Target and Whole Foods (what demographic does that represent, I have to wonder?). At the latter, I found the gourmet chocolate display, which included several Vosges Haute Chocolat bars. Which did I pick? Why, Mo’s … Continue reading