These Are a Few of My Favorite Foods

This week’s prompt from Ginger at Ramble Ramble? Make us all hungry–what are your top 10 favorite foods (individual foods, or full meals, your choice)? Well, I do love food. So here goes. 1) Steak. I don’t eat it often, … Continue reading

Mom-Friendly Meals: Shrimp and Potatoes in Garlic Butter

I love shrimp. Love, love, love it. Yet for some reason, I almost never cook with it. I’m trying to change that, though, because I have come to the conclusion–quite vocally, if you check with Mr. Sandwich–that I don’t like … Continue reading

Meal Planning

I want to do it. I just have a lot of trouble finding the time to sit down and think about it. Fortunately, last night we had friends over for dinner (afterward I realized that this was the first playdate … Continue reading

Fogo de Chão

Are you a vegetarian? Well, Fogo de Chao is not the restaurant for you. But if you, like the Sandwiches, are an unrepentant carnivore, then this may be just what you’re looking for. When you are shown to your seat, … Continue reading

We’re Cooking with Gas

Sandwich Père and Sandwich Belle-mere came to visit this weekend, and today Aunt and Uncle Sandwich joined us. As you might imagine, there was a lot of food. Friday night the four of us went to the Canoga Park Yang … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Mr. Sandwich’s parents are coming over, and here’s what we’re feeding them: ham creamed corn (recipe from Lawry’s) roasted asparagus cheesy potatoes Triple Sec pound cake. So what is everyone thankful for? … Continue reading

Grillmasters, part 1

This weekend my dad and stepmom came to visit, and to see the new house. We had family and a few close friends over on Saturday, for the first of many (or at least several) housewarmings. In spite of the … Continue reading