Lifelong Learning

Baguette has a significant language delay. We do a lot of interpretation. She works so hard at communicating. I’m so impressed with her, and how diligent and persistent she is with any number of tasks. These are traits that are … Continue reading

Your Mileage May Vary

This morning, when I took Baguette to daycare, she was excited to be there. She opened the door to the classroom without being prompted, and she ran up to a group of girls and started playing with the same toys … Continue reading

Little Talks

Mr. Sandwich wrote this on Monday, and we both wanted to share it here. Last week we got the news we had been both expecting and dreading. Baguette was formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This was not a complete … Continue reading

What Baguette Is Saying These Days

Here are a few things we’re likely to hear from Baguette right now: “I want listen to Pajanimals music.” “I want iPad, please.” “That wunnerfull!” (most likely to be heard just after she jumps into the pool and surfaces) And … Continue reading

Update: Baguette and Speech Therapy

Forgive me for the rambling post. It won’t be the last. Two months ago, I wrote that we were exploring speech therapy for Baguette, based on feedback from her school and our concerns about her confidence levels. While we were … Continue reading

Confidence and Communication

I’ve written a bit about Baguette’s school, and their concerns about how she interacts with her classmates. Here are some of our observations: 1) She does get wary around unfamiliar people and large groups. 2) She is overjoyed to play … Continue reading