Sand Pail List – What I Want To Do This Summer


Happy First Day of Summer, all!

Last year I created my first Sand Pail List, and I think I can call it a rousing 50% success.

This year’s list has some similar items, but with a few changes:

Go to the park
I’m pretty confident we’ll do this; we have a (mostly) weekly playdate with Bestie and her parents, and I’ve gotten into the habit of taking Baguette to the playground on our own as well. She loves the sand and the playscapes, but she also loves “running on the grass!”

Go to the beach
We want to go at least four times. That number is arbitrary, so maybe more. We all love the beach. To motivate us, I bought Mr. Sandwich this beach blanket made of nylon parachute silk.

Go to the pool
The public pool near our home re-opened last year, and we took Baguette several times toward the end of the summer. This year, we started going on Father’s Day, which fell on their opening weekend.

Work on my photography skills
Mr. Sandwich bought me a book that I really liked. He bought it for me probably a year and a half ago. I still need to put it into practice. Between an active subject (Baguette) and a sleepy subject (Wicket), I should be able to try a variety of approaches.

Go to a summer concert

I’m not sure Baguette is ready for this, and Sunday nights are not the easiest–but with a little planning, maybe we can get to one of the concerts at a park a few miles away.

Get (a little bit) organized
I want to clear off part of the living room bookcase for Baguette’s toys–which requires cleaning out part of the other bookcases and getting rid of a bunch of books. I don’t think it will be fun or easy, but it really should be satisfying.

So what’s on your Sand Pail List?

If you want to use the Sand Pail icon, feel free! You can find it on Flickr.

What’s In a Meme?

I got this from The Harried Mom. Read. Write your own post. Pass it on.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

2003. Really? That was 10 years ago? I guess so, because Mr. Sandwich and I were well into our long-distance dating relationship, but not yet engaged (that came later in 2003–July 4th, to be exact). This time that year, my dad and I were preparing for a railroad trip through the Canadian Rockies. Awesome trip, BTW.

2. What 5 things are on your to-do list?

  • Get our passports.
  • Take boxing lessons.
  • Organize our home office.
  • Declutter the house.
  • Take Spanish lessons. Again.

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

Macadamia nuts, honey wheat pretzels, shortbread cookies, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Pay off our mortgage; save for Baguette’s education; work part-time and shorten Baguette’s time in day care; pay off my brother’s mortgage (I’m assuming more than $1 million here–is that okay?); buy a vacation home in Kauai; hire a cleaning service

5. Name some places you have lived:

Maryland, California, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey. Several of them more than once.

6. Name some bad habits you have:

Bad housekeeping, too easily distracted by the computer. Mr. Sandwich would add “stealing the covers.”

7. Name some jobs you have had:

Door-to-door doughnut sales, newspaper delivery, editing, project management, social media manager, marketing

So, what about you?