Oscar Surprise

I spent much of my adult life across the country from my best friend. But we still managed to watch the Oscars together–we’d just call each other 20 times during the broadcast to say, “That dress is amazing!” “That dress … Continue reading

Food Trucks! Food Trucks!

Ever since Food Network aired the first “Great Food Truck Race,” Mr. Sandwich and I have wanted burgers from the Grill ‘Em All truck. Unfortunately, their lines have always been enormous–not really feasible since Baguette is about as patient as … Continue reading

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

You can follow me on Twitter. But you knew that, because there’s a link in the right-hand column. Who do I follow? A variety of people and organizations, naturally. After all, it is Twitter. Included in that variety is a … Continue reading

Idiots on Parade

Yesterday Mr. Sandwich and I were driving to the house. The car in front of us was being driven by someone who was on his cell phone. This is illegal in California now, but why let that stop you? Except … Continue reading