My Valentines

As I’ve mentioned, we’re not a big Valentine’s Day family. But that doesn’t mean I neglected to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to Mr. Sandwich this morning.

I’m not a monster.

And we’re not neglecting Baguette. Last week we went to her school’s Valentine Dance Party (Baguette ate some pizza, said, “Time to go home!” and dragged me toward the parking lot), and I also made sure to drop off the required 24 valentines for her class (signed, but not addressed). I’m reasonably sure I even filled out that candygram, although darned if I can remember whether I turned it in.

Then Mr. Sandwich showed up at my office.


Thank you, sweetheart. You and Baguette are my Valentines every day.

Traditions: Happy Valentine’s Day

I read this post about Valentine’s Day requirements at some schools. And I totally agree. Valentine’s Day is ridiculous for toddlers.

Mr. Sandwich and I have never paid particular attention to Valentine’s Day. The first year we were dating, the day passed while I was on a cruise with my parents. Another year, we bought each other gifts: I got him a cycling jersey, and he got me a DVD of The Princess Bride. Once we went out to dinner. Once, in January, we passed a store window that said, “Fall in love on Valentine’s Day!” I mustered up all the sarcasm I could (a considerable amount), and said, “Oh, honey, look! We did it wrong!” That was pretty much that.

When we got married (possibly before), I told him, “Don’t buy me flowers for Valentine’s Day. They just increase the price because of the date.”

But now we’re entering a new stage: Valentine’s Day with a child. I have somewhat vague memories of exchanging valentines in class, with decorated paper bags taped to the back each chair. Did I buy cards for everyone in class? Did I get cards from everyone? I don’t remember. It’s been a while.

Baguette’s day care, thankfully, does not require handmade valentines from each child. As far as I can tell, the main thing is that they sent home a pink slip of paper. Mr. Sandwich and I wrote a message on it to Baguette. Then I took it back, used one of the (provided) pink ribbons to tie a (provided) pink lollipop to the note, and dropped it in the basket so that someone can “deliver” it to her today.

I’m not sure I’m crazy about her having a lollipop. She’s not even two–does she need candy? I think this may be her first piece. But I also realize that she is now of an age where she will notice if everyone else gets a candygram and she doesn’t. And I don’t want her to feel left out–or, worse, try to swipe some other child’s lollipop.

We’ll just do a little extra toothbrushing tonight. Maybe that will be our Valentine’s Day tradition.

candy heart cake

Photo by bunchofpants, via Flickr.