Waffle Chix

Does a landmark have to stay in one place? I ask because Westwood’s Falafel King is on its third location in 25 years. That I know of.

In (theoretical) Location #2, you can now find Waffle Chix. It looks more upscale than I expected, and much nicer than in its previous incarnation as Falafel King. The menu features waffles, as you might imagine, and ranges from breakfast to dessert. Want a chicken-and-waffle combo? You’ll have to hunt for it (although the more prominent sandwiches do sound good).

I got a fried chicken breast and a waffle, with a side of mac and cheese. Verdict: Okay. Me, I think a waffle should be crispy. This had a really nice flavor, but was soft. If I wanted it soft, I’d order a pancake. The chicken was juicy, which doesn’t always happen with white meat. The mac and cheese was all right, but I’ve had better.

What’s weird is that the food came out super fast. It’s not like my waffle was sitting around back there. Unless it was. Hmm…

Verdict: I’d go back if someone wanted to, but I probably won’t seek it out on my own again.