Sunday Snow Play

It rained in L.A. yesterday. With the colder temperatures we’ve been having, that means that the mountains got snow. And that means that today we went to the mountains.

Little girl in the snow

Little girl in the snow

Little girl on a sled

Man pulling little girl on sled

Baguette even had her first snowball fight. Which she started.

A good time was had by all.

Update: We Have Heat!

This update is very out of date; we’ve had heat for about 6 weeks. But then there were the holidays, and Baguette got sick, and I got sick, and then work started, and that’s just how it goes. So, here’s what it looks like when your rooftop heating and a/c unit has to be replaced:

And it’s a good thing, because between colds and southern California’s version of winter, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to use it. Here’s to technology.

Photos by Mr. Sandwich.

This is Winter?

I live in L.A., which means it never gets that cold. Mind you, you’ll find plenty of people bundled up against the weather. But it doesn’t rain that much, and while the temperatures can drop over night, a really cold day in the L.A. area has highs in the 50s.

That said, this winter has been unusually warm and dry. We usually have spring-like weather for a few days around New Year’s, and then some more in February. This year, though, we’ve had the occasional chilly day, but most of the time our highs have been in the 70s and even 80s.

While this sounds great to someone shivering through a snowstorm, consider this: winter is southern California’s rainy season. And along with our lack of cold, we have a lack of precipitation. It is really, really dry.

So to my fellow Angelenos, I guess I should say this: while the weather’s good, start planning your home fireproofing measures. If we don’t get more rain, this fall’s going to be a doozy.