October 2015: Scarier Than You Think

So I’ve had pneumonia. That’s meant too may trips across town to the doctor, and lots of medication. Unfortunately it’s been hard to rest, because even with taking sick days from work, Baguette still needs to go to school, and … Continue reading

Some Stuff About Some Things

There’s a lot going on, and while I really want to write, it’s hard to come up with a unified concept. So here are a handful of thoughts and recent developments that are not at all unified. Baguette had a … Continue reading

My Balance, Revisited (Again)

I want to blog, but it’s so hard. So. Hard. Time is fleeting, and filled up. Here’s what my balance looks like, for the past two weeks and the foreseeable future. 5:00 Alarm goes off. Hit snooze button. 5:09 Hit snooze … Continue reading

Mom-Friendly Meals

Recently, some of my friends have said, “You really seem to have this meal-planning thing down. What’s your secret?” I do not have the meal-planning thing down. My secret is that I have a child who is slightly older than … Continue reading

It’s Friday, Right?

I feel like this week has gone on for about a year. Monday was a holiday, and so being us, we went snowshoeing. Baguette loves the snow, but we dramatically underestimated how quickly a not-quite-three-year-old can get wet and cold. … Continue reading

How to Make a Mom Angry

I shared something about Baguette on my Facebook profile. Most of the responses were positive. But then there was this: [Older relative]: I thought you were a stay at home Mom. You are missing a lot. Cue the gritted teeth. … Continue reading

My Balance, Revisited

Nearly a year ago, I was inspired by a post by Oil and Garlic to write about my balance. So, where do we stand now? 1. What’s your work schedule? I still drop Baguette off at 7 so I can … Continue reading