5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around

Five o'Clock Somewhere

Bacon: 3 Things Everyone Should Know on Feed

    I’m particularly fond of the first one, although they do go together nicely.

The 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season in 4.5 Minutes on YouTube

    Now that is some cloud movement.

10 Adorably Sleepy Animals That Ate Too Much Turkey on Mashable

    How about those French Bulldogs?

2-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie for One on Zoom Yummy

    I don’t think I should have found this. No good can come of it.

Britain’s Longest-Serving Blacksmith on The Kid Should See This

    If you don’t think blacksmithing is cool, then I don’t think we can be friends.

Photo by Jellaluna, via Flickr.

3 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around*

Babies Laughing at Dogs on YouTube

#1 and #4 are my favorites.

Cheesecake Recipes on Punchfork

Now that’s a lot of cheesecake.

50 Best Cheap Date Ideas on Emmeline Bride

Cheap dates are my favorite dates.

*We’ve got family in town this weekend, so this list is abbreviated.

Photo by Mr. Sandwich.

5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around


38 Reasons Why You Should Feel Better About Yourself on Buzzfeed

I guarantee at least one of these will do the trick, or your money back. Not that you paid any.

The Simpsons Opening – Real-life Style on YouTube

So is this art imitating art?

City Rising on Vimeo

Wake up, Toronto!

25 Crazy Pet Costumes That Put Yours To Shame on Mashable

Wicket would never go for this.

Top 10 Mysterious People on listverse

Spooooky. (Well, maybe not.)

Photo by brian hefele, via Flickr.

5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around


“Smell Like a Monster” on YouTube

Thank you, Sesame Street! (And thank you, too, Wandering Scientist!)

Chicken, Mozzarella, and Asparagus Pasta on The Coterie Blog

Yum. Just, yum.

23 Fun Summer Bucket List Activities for Families on Parenting Squad

If August finds you running out of ideas for what to do with your kids, here are some more.

Cats in Sinks

You really shouldn’t need more explanation than that.


Perfect for the crazy days.

Photo by super-structure, via Flickr.

5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around

5 Cinco Five Fem Vijf Viis Viisi Cinq Fünf Öt Fimm Lima Cinque Pieci Penki Piatka Cinci Pet Beç

A Very Model Halloween on YouTube

It’s never too early to start coming up with costume ideas.

25 Handy Words That Simply Don’t Exist in English
on So Bad So Good

I think #23 is my favorite.

Seasonal Ingredient Map from Epicurious

I really need to buy some plums.

What Should I Read Next?

For those of you who miss the “If You Liked [title]” shelf at the video rental place.

Funny Underwater Dogs
on Flashsolver

Dog. Ball. Pool. Camera. Go!

Photo by losmininos, via Flickr.

5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around

I took Five.

Finish of DIII 3200 Meter Race at Ohio’s 2012 State Track Meet on YouTube

This is one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen.

Graphical Representation of Geologic Time on USGS PUblications Warehouse

Yes, I am a history geek.

SpaceCamera – Live Event on Slooh

Wish I’d known about this when the eclipse took place. Good thing we made that viewing box.

Creating Digital Color Palettes on Centsational Girl

Have you seen these on Pinterest? Now you can create them, too.

Teeny Tiny Pig Overcomes His Fear of Stairs to Get a Bowl of Delicious Oatmeal on Jezebel

Who knew oatmeal could be this enticing?

Photo by N-ino, via Flickr.

5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around

Five Leaves Coffee

11 Tips for Surviving Air Travel with Kids
on Frugal Mama

We’re just holding off, because we don’t want to be that family that gets thrown off the plane when Baguette won’t stay in her seat.

Easy recipes that kids can cook on Simple Bites

I think my mom had me start by greasing pans.

15 Things You Should Know About Caffeine on Daily Infographic

No idea why it’s on this site, but the infographic is nice.

100 Ways to Cook . . . on Endless Simmer

Because you can always use options.

Norman Rides a Bike on YouTube

I wonder if the sequel is “Norman Cuts the Red Wire and Saves Civilization,” because the more I watch this video, the more I think Norman is up to just about anything that’s put in front of him.

Photo by igorschwarzman, via Flickr.

5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around


Visit the Pyramids of Giza With This Interactive 3D Site on Mashable

We’re not planning any international travel in the immediate future. If you’re not, either, here’s something you can see without leaving your couch.

Awkwardly Ever After: 23 Wedding Photos Gone Terribly Weird and Wrong
on Babble.com

I’m pretty confident none of our wedding photos will wind up in this kind of slideshow–but I do feel bad for people who clearly are just victims of their era.

Photos: Insanely Cute Jaguar Cubs Born at San Diego Zoo on LAist

Aren’t they?

Star Trek Crew watches Star Wars IV
on YouTube

The geek is strong in this one.

5 Android Apps for Busy Moms on Mashable

If you have a Droid, maybe you can use these. And is it just me, or is “busy moms” redundant?

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

Photo by Stew Dean, via Flickr.

5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around


Australian Company IAG Rewards New Moms for Returning to Work on Shine from Yahoo

The opposite of being mommy-tracked.

15 International Food Etiquette Rules That Might Surprise You
on Budget Travel

These might come in handy.

The Immortal on Books of Adam

The tale of Tuna Buttons, a cat who may live forever.

Squirrel Eats a Rose on YouTube

This is cute.

Firemen Rescuing Kittens on Babble Pets

But this is cuter.

Photo by takakawho, via Flickr.

5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around


No title, but if I were going to provide one, I guess it would be “Pinhead” at Awkward Stock Photos

Some of these are NSFW. Even without those, I wonder what all of these people were thinking.

Grilled Cheese Invitational

A grilled cheese sandwich competition? Who’s not in? (Besides vegans and the lactose intolerant, that is.)

Lessons in Gratitude at Practical Parenting

Suggestions on how to teach children about gratitude (and how to focus on the positive).

Eye of the Riley at YouTube

A corgi hikes in Runyon Canyon. Video ensues.

11 Hilarious “Mad Men” Parody Twitter Accounts at Mashable

Season Five of Mad Men starts tonight!

Photo by Bleschi, courtesy of Flickr.