How many yogurt shops can there be? you wonder. And apparently the answer is that there is a fixed number, and it is lower than the number of sushi shops.

Where once there was a Pinkberry near my office, now there is a Yogurtland. I’m sure it says something that Pinkberry, vanguard of the tart frozen yogurt movement, has closed a shop. But it also says something that it was replaced by another of its kind.

So what’s so special about Yogurtland? Easy–it’s a DIY yogurt place. Pick your flavors. Have as much as you want. Add your own toppings. Pay by weight.

Simple, no? Indeed. Also yummy, based on my experience this past weekend. I went for what amounted to extensive sampling in one cup: Vanilla Wafer Cookie and Cream, Toasted Coconut, Taro (no link? why no link?), and a few others that mysteriously don’t appear on their website. Top it off with almonds and walnuts, and it’s tasty but a little overwhelming. I don’t think I’ll try that many at once next time. But there will be a next time. If nothing else, I have to see how their tart flavors stack up.