Bragging About Me

This week’s Monday Listicles topic is “10 Things You Are Proud Of.” So, if you will, allow me to share with you some things I have done:

1) On my first camping trip as a Girl Scout, I lit an a-frame fire with a single match.

2) Thanks to Girl Scouts, in grad school I was able to get wet wood to burn using matches and candles, in contrast to the lighter fluid the guys thought would do the trick.

3) In high school, I once created a school spirit banner so violent it grossed out the football team.

4) When Mr. Sandwich cut off the tip of his finger, I found the piece on his garage workbench . . .

5) And surprised the ER doctor with how well I packaged it for transit.

6) I can watch the needle when I get a shot or donate blood. Speaking of which . . .

7) I donate blood.

8) I have competed in–and finished–three sprint triathlons.

9) I’m a really good writer and editor.

10) I make great baked macaroni and cheese.

Bonus #11: I was a returning Jeopardy! champion.

(Side note: As I look back, there seems to be a decent amount of overlap with this list from December, but honestly I could use my own pat on the back at this point in my life.)


Photo by Nick J Webb, via Flickr. Creative Commons.

22 thoughts on “Bragging About Me

  1. WOW, you rock woman. I found it so hard thinking of things I am proud of myself, GOOD FOR YOU…
    bravo for finding your hubby’s finger tip and transferring it safely

    1. A couple of years ago, I said to Mr. Sandwich, “I hope I turn out to be one of those people who’s good in a crisis.” He held up his hand and said, “Hello? You already are.” Yea me! 🙂

    1. Just as long as I don’t have to play Scrabble. If I have to play Scrabble, we’re doomed.

  2. Eww to the finger! I don’t know if I could be that brave! Don’t visit my site, wait, yes go! As a brilliant editor you will have a field day with my ill grammar… I’m a hot mess! haha

    1. Thanks! Mr. Sandwich wanted to know why I didn’t put it on the first list. I don’t know.

    1. I used to do it much more regularly; after Hurricane Sandy was the first time I’d donated in years. Once Baguette is a little older, I’ll get back to it.

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