Bragging Rights

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This week’s entry in Monday Listicles is “10 Reasons I’m Great.” Honestly, I think this is something that not just moms, but women in general, often lose track of. Certainly there are plenty of conceited women out there–I have had my moments, I know–but all too often, we downplay our accomplishments and contributions. So what’s so great about me?

1) I wrote a full-length novel in high school. It’s never going to be published, and I’m fine with that–but I did it.

2) One of my friends read my M.A. thesis. For fun. Twice.

3) I will defend my loved ones from wildlife.

4) I do not faint at the sight of blood.*

5) In fact, if you sever your fingertip, I will not only locate it, but properly package it and drive you to the ER. While pregnant.

6) I’ve traveled to 49 of the 50 states (I have yet to get to Alaska.)

7) I’ve traveled to 5 of the 7 continents (South America and Antarctica, I’m coming for you. Eventually.)

8) I am really good at building fires.

9) I make good desserts. Not fancy, but good.

10) I’m an excellent wife and mother. (I’m not saying I’m better than you. I’m better than you for my family. And I’m similarly confident that you’re better for yours than I would be.)

*Does it undercut this post if I say that I do, however, shriek reflexively and stereotypically at the sight of a mouse?

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18 thoughts on “Bragging Rights

    1. Oh, I definitely want to go! We’re just waiting until Baguette is old enough for that kind of trip.

      Everyone I know loves the big Alaska cruises, and that may be how we do it, but I’m also interested in learning about smaller boats and companies that would let us have a different experience. It sounds like you live there–do you have any suggestions about where I might look for that?

  1. I’m most impressed by your ability to build a fire (and the severed finger blood thing..) I think you’ll be very handy person to have around post-apocalypse or post-zombie or whichever comes first !

    You should not even put a caveat after “excellent mother and wife”.

    Love this post!

    1. I think those are probably two of the things Mr. Sandwich likes best about me, too.

      As for the caveat, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to remind people that they’re good at that, too!

    1. You never know. Maybe your Mad Skillz at being mom will overwhelm previous fainting tendencies!

  2. I want you with me if I ever sever the tip of my finger. And I’m with you on the mice. Rats are way, way worse though. Your travel accomplishments are impressive!!

    1. There are rats in the vicinity, but they don’t seem to have made it into the actual house. We had a veritable Rodent War earlier this year.

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